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Hey! I'm Jen.

Polymath art director.

Based in Southern California.

I’m fascinated by the connections that bring us together.

Love working with mission-driven organizations.

I reject the idea of designing for decoration.

👋 My given name is Jennifer Reyes. 📚 I take design classes at night to keep my mind young ⛰️ I've hiked the highest mountain peaks in Southern California 🌮 I once drove 3 hours for tacos 🤘 Going to music shows is my jam 📃 The smell of freshly printed paper makes me happy. 🥖 Baking is my newest hobby ⛺ Sleeping in the forest clears my mind.

My Values.

To be clear is to be kind.

Nobody can read your mind, amirite! 💁🏾‍♀️

Always do the right thing, especially when nobody is watching.

Because, ya know, Karma 👀

To be on time is to be late, always be early.

I’d like to thank my 🏀 coach for this one.